Lakes and Rivers

The source of the River Nile. Image by Kombi Tours

Uganda is landlocked yet almost 25% of the country’s surface is covered by water, it’s generally watered and fertile and provides plenty of opportunity for water activities. Lake Victoria and the River Nile in particular provide opportunities geared towards thrill seekers. You can raft on white water (grade 5 rapids!), kayak or cruise to the Nile’s source and if you’re very brave, bunjee jump!

For those of you who’d prefer something a little gentler, you can explore with more relaxing activities (that’s if you call watching hippo’s yawn, crocodiles snap or elephants splashing, relaxing!) on the water from the safety of your cruise boat. There are even lakes that are safe for you to swim in such as Lake Bunyonyi and some of the Ndali – Kasenda crater lakes!

We can also provide bespoke fishing trips to Murchison Falls, Lake Victoria and Lake Mburo (for the latter you will need to provide your own equipment). The record Nile Perch catch was in Sep 2013, weighing in at a whopping 114 kgs! For more information on fishing tours and safaris, contact us.

Additionally, and of most interest to birders, are several RAMSAR ( protected wetlands. Notable wetlands are: Lake Bisina Wetland System, Lake George, Lake Nabugabo wetland system, Lake Opeta Wetland System, Lutembe Bay, Mabamba Bay Wetland System, and Rwenzori Mountains RAMSAR site. Most popular for tourists is Mabamba Bay Wetland System, home to the infamous shoebill stork