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Predator Tracking Safari

11 Day Uganda Tour - Mid-range Option

Track Africa’s iconic carnivores with our specifically designed safari package to seek out the top savannah predators. From predator tracking with expert predator scientists in Queen Elizabeth National Park, to the true wilderness of Kidepo Valley National Park in the far north you’ll be seeking out cheetahs, lions, leopards and hyenas in Uganda’s best carnivore hot spots.

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- Tracking Uganda's big cats including lions, leopards and cheetahs!
- Spend a morning with an experienced predator tracking research team.
- Discover the true wilderness of Kidepo Valley National Park.
- Take a night game drive to experience the big cats secret lives.

Brief Itinerary

Day 1 - Drive from Kampala to the savannah of Ishasha Plains.
Day 2 - Seek out tree-climbing lions in giant fig trees.
Day 3 - Go predator tracking with an experienced researcher.
Day 4 - Drive north to Murchison Falls National Park.
Day 5 - Embark on a water safari to the base of Murchison Falls.
Day 6 - Explore the rolling savannah of Murchison Falls National Park.
Day 7 - Drive to the wilderness of Kidepo Valley National Park.
Day 8 - Visit the hot springs and drive into the dark on night game drive.
Day 9 - Get up close with nature with a walking safari in the Narus Valley.
Day 10 - Drive through fantastic scenery to reach Sipi Falls waterfalls.
Day 11 - Visit the source of the river Nile and drive back to Kampala.
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Day 1 - Tree-climbing lions

Rise early to leave by 7am to start the drive down to Queen Elizabeth NP from Kampala (or Entebbe). It's a long drive so settle back in your vehicle and enjoy the views. You’ll stop off at the equator as you pass into the southern hemisphere before passing by Lake Mburo NP (watch out for zebras by the side of the road), Mbarara town to the edge and then continue southwest to reach Ishasha Plains. These plains are particularly known for their iconic population of tree-climbing lions. In the mid afternoon you’ll meet a Uganda Wildlife Authority guide to maximise your chances of finding these majestic cats, relaxing in the cool shade away from the heat of the day. You can spend the remained of the day exploring the various game tracks before heading to your camp for the night.

Tree climbing lion on Ishasha Plains, Uganda. Image © Rachel Landman
Tree-climbing lions on Ishasha Plains. Image © Rachel Landman

Day 2 - Ishasha Plains

Rise early to head back out onto the Ishasha Plains to explore the African bush. The early morning is a good time to take game drives, as wildlife is more active before the heat of the day sets in. You’ll have a good chance of spotting a variety of game herds such as elephants, Uganda kob, buffalo and topi and if your lucky some hyenas out on the hunt or relaxing by their den. The morning is then in your hands and you can spend as long as you like exploring the plains or if preferred seek out the tree-climbing lions again. By mid afternoon you’ll be heading north east through Maramagambo Forest to reach your accommodation on the banks of the Kazinga Channel which connects Lake Edward and Lake George in the heart of Queen Elizabeth NP.

Day 3 - Predator tracking

Rise early to meet an expert predator tracking team from the Uganda Carnivore Program in Queen Elizabeth NP, for an activity briefing. You’ll spend the morning in the north of the park around the Kasenyi Plains searching for lions, and if you’re lucky they’ll have just made a kill! With your guides you’ll be even able to get off the typical beaten track and search among the bushes and trees to get close up to the big cats. Watch them socialise and play with their young in a truly natural setting of the savannah. You’ll also get a good chance of also spotting the elusive leopards with your highly trained guides of the savannah. In the mid afternoon you’ll drive down the Mweya peninsula to embark on a boat cruise on the Kazinga Channel to the edge of Lake Edward. On the water safari you will get the chance to search the riverside for elephants, buffalo, some of the many large hippo pods, crocodiles and many species of bird. If it’s a clear day, you may see the Blue Mountains of Congo on the horizon. It’s just a short drive back along the Kazinga Channel (look out for elephants!) back to your lodge where you’ll be spending the evening relaxing as the sun sets with the sounds of the wilds of the savannah echoing around you.

Leopard in Queen Elizabeth National Park. Image © Uganda Carnivore Program
Baboon in Murchison Falls National Park, Uganda. Image © Steve Cresswell

Day 4 - Driving north

You’ll be leaving the savannah plains of Queen Elizabeth NP early to complete most of the journey to Murchison Falls NP. You’ll cross back over the equator and follow the Rwenzori Mountain range north past Kibale NP. You’ll wind through valleys and forests dotted with villages to reach Hoima town after about eight hours and your accommodation for the night.

Day 5 - Nile water safari

This morning you’ll be on the road again to complete the journey to Murchison Falls NP, a three-hour drive away. Drive through Budongo Forest and down from the rift valley escarpment views over Lake Albert before and continue to north reach your camp in Murchison Falls NP by lunchtime. Close by are the docks from which you’ll be embarking on a water safari to Murchison Falls. Meander upstream to the thundering base of the falls, passing giant Nile crocodiles, hippo pods, and a plethora of birdlife inhabiting the riverbanks. On reaching the waterfalls, either head back down stream by boat or disembark and follow the trail up to the top of the falls. Here you can marvel at the splash and rainbows of the Nile crashing through a seven-metre gap in the rock face before meeting your driver guide and being driven to your camp for evening.

Murchison Falls from the river Nile. Image © Anne-Marie Weeden
Lion on the savannah of Murchison Falls National Park. Image © Rachel Landman

Day 6 - Savannah game driving

Rise early and cross the river just after dawn to meet an experienced Uganda Wildlife Authority guide to take you deeper into the park So keep watch for the leopards, lions, elephants, warthogs and giraffes as well as a large variety of game herds such as buffalo, Jackson’s hartebeest, warthog and bushbuck. You’ll stop for a picnic lunch beside the hippo pool before heading to Delta Point to seek out more big cats and if you’re lucky, Uganda’s infamous Shoebill stork. The delta is the stalking ground for many of the parks big cats including lions and solitary leopards. Your guide is experienced in tracking the creatures amongst the undergrowth so you should have a good chance of finding them relaxing in the shade out of the full glare of the sun. By the late afternoon head north out of the park to your next lodge on the edge of the park boundaries with a picturesque vista across the river Nile and the Blue Mountains on the horizon.

Day 7 - On the road again

Rise early to make the eight hour drive across the plains of northern Uganda to reach Kidepo Valley NP. Follow the northern edge of Murchison Falls NP and drive east passing Gulu town and the Aswa River, a tributary to the River Nile. The landscape will give way to savannah scrub and mountain peaks start to appear out of the haze on the horizon. You’ll drive along winding roads passing mountain ridges to reach the park by late afternoon. This parks wildlife diversity is the best preserved in Uganda, and its remoteness gives the feeling that you’re the only people there.

Sunset of the savannah Kidepo Valley National Park. Image © Steffen Schwörer
Cheetahs relaxing on the savannah. Image © Eileen Gilbey

Day 8 - Hot springs and a night game drive

This morning you’ll be up bright and early to take an extensive game drive out into the northern sector of the national park. You’ll be heading over the seasonally dry Kidepo River bed towards the Kanangorok hot springs on the northern edge of the park close to the South Sudanese border. You’ll be accompanied by a Uganda Wildlife Authority ranger who will guide you to search the savannah and scrub for a variety of wildlife but particularly for cheetahs and the flocks of ostriches, the only place in Uganda where they both can still be found. Return to camp by the early afternoon to relax with views across the dramatic scenery of plains and mountains of Uganda’s true wilderness. Once the sun has set you’ll be taking another drive out into the wilderness with an experienced Uganda Wildlife Authority guide to take a nocturnal game drive. This is an excellent opportunity to watch the secret lives of the wildlife. Few people get to experience such animal behavior in the wild. You’ll be specifically looking for the big cats including the lions and leopards and if you’re lucky find them hunting and socialising. You’ll then be returned to your camp to rest, if you can mange to sleep that is!

Day 9 - A walk on the wild side

This morning you’ll be setting out to further explore the Narus Valley. There are several game circuits for you to explore with your driver at your own pace so be on the look out for, leopards, giraffes, zebras, elephants and a host of game herds such as buffalo and Uganda kob before returning to camp for lunch. This afternoon you’ll have the rare opportunity to go out for a walking safari through the savannah with a Uganda Wildlife Authority guide. They will help you track animals and explain the local environment. This is a great way to immerse yourself in wildlife to truly experience this unique savannah land in an intimate way by getting up close and personal with nature. It’s also a nice change of perspective from game driving in a vehicle. And don’t worry, you’re perfect safe with your Uganda Wildlife Authority ranger! Spend your final evening relaxing by the fire under a star filled sky with the sounds of the wilds of the savannah echoing around you.

Elephant in the Narus Valley, Kidepo National Park. Image © Steve Cresswell
Sipi Falls waterfalls, Mount Elgon, Uganda. Image © Steve Cresswell

Day 10 - An extinct volcano

Today you’ll set off early leaving Kidepo Valley NP behind you. You’ll journey south through Karamoja with stunning scenery of rugged mountains, valley and plains. Your destination is the slopes of Mount Elgon beside this extinct volcano national park, which straddles the Ugandan/Kenyan border where you’ll stop at Sipi Falls waterfall. It will take around eight hours to complete this bumpy yet scenic ride. You’ll arrive in the early evening so that you can head up to the viewpoint, stretch your legs and watch the sunset over the plains and mountains of eastern Uganda. You can then retire to your cabins overlooking the falls to relax for the evening.

Day 11 - Source of the Nile

Take a slow start to the day relaxing at your camp with views over the waterfall or if you choose take a guided walk down to the waterfalls base (*for an additional cost). By mid morning you will leave Sipi Falls and the foothills of Mount Elgon and drive to Jinja town where you’ll be stopping off for lunch by the River Nile. You’ll then take to the water in a local boat out to the source of the world’s longest river on at the edge of Lake Victoria. You will then cross over Owen Falls dam, drive through Mabira Forest and a complete your journey back to Kampala (or Entebbe), arriving by dusk.

The river Nile, the worlds longest river. Image © Steve Cresswell
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Chimpanzee Tracking in Kibale Forest

Trek through one of Uganda’s pristine rainforests in the foothills of the Rwenzori Mountains. Here you can track our distant cousins, the wild chimpanzees of Kibale Forest National Park. Watch these noisy yet illusive creatures, swinging from the trees, foraging for food and observe their complex socialisation, adding a truly memorable experience to your travels in Uganda.

If you would like to add this activity to your tour, please contact us for more information.

Flying Safari

We can arrange internal scheduled or chartered flights across Uganda so that you can fly both to and from the Uganda’s national parks and highlights. There are both public and private chartered flights available. This can allow you to fit more of Uganda into your schedule with us here in the ‘Pearl of Africa’.

If you would like more information on flying safaris, please contact us for more information.

Gorilla Tracking

Head into the highland rainforests of Uganda to track the famous rare mountain gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, a UNESCO world heritage site. Bwindi is a wildly diverse ancient rainforest and protects around half of the world's population of mountain gorillas right here in Uganda. Trust us, you’ll never forget your experience of meeting our distant relatives!

If you would like to add this activity to your tour, please contact us for more information.

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4×4 Supercustom

This tour is based on using a Supercustom. On safari in Uganda, you need vehicles that you can rely on, vehicles with as much comfort as we can provide to make your journey a happy one! The 4x4 Toyota Supercustom is a practical option for group safaris as they offer space, comfort and are reliable vehicles. Each vehicle can comfortably seat eight clients as well as a driver and an extra seat for when we hire additional guides and rangers. They perform well off-road and have pop-top roofs for that intimate experience with nature in the parks. As a conscientious business, we chose this vehicle, as it is kind to the environment; running on diesel with low consumption. This is therefore our standard touring vehicle.

Please note this tour is based on your being collected and dropped off in either Kampala or Entebbe. For other locations please contact us for a quote.

Upgrade Option – Landcruiser with pop top

Some clients simply prefer a Landcruiser on their safari! They are after all the conventional way to travel on safari. Like the Super Custom, they offer comfort and reliability. They offer more intimacy for small groups of two to four clients and are optimal for single travellers. With their pop-up roof hatches, they give you up-close and personal interactions with nature.

For price quote please see "Prices Tab". Please note prices are based per car hired and on pick up and drop in Kampala or Entebbe. For other locations please contact us.

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Foreign Uganda Residents Discount: -$80 Per Person

East African Citizens Discount: -$340 Per Person

Super Custom: Included

Land Cruiser Pop Top: +$660 Per Group

This Tour Includes

We use the following abbreviations our ‘Includes & Excludes’ section.
NP – National Park
NSC – Non Self Contained (communal toilets and showers)
SC – Self Contained (private toilet and shower)
UWA – Uganda Wildlife Authority

Full time use of a private vehicle (as per your itinerary)
A Full-Time Private Driver/Guide
Fuel for your entire journey (with an allowance for any necessary detours)
Accommodation (please view TripAdvisor links in itinerary for impartial ratings)
- 1 night at Ishasha Jungle Lodge (single / double or room, SC)
- 2 nights at The Bush Lodge (single / double or twin safari banda, SC)
- 2 nights at Murchison River Lodge (single / double or twin safari tent, SC)
- 1 night at Bwana Tembo Camp (single / double or twin safari tent, SC)
- 3 nights at Nga Moru Wilderness Camp (single / double or twin safari tent, SC)
- 1 night at Sipi River Lodge (single / double or twin banda, NSC)
Bottled Drinking Water (1.5 liters per person, per day in your vehicle)
All Activities
- Game drives x 7 (x 3 Queen Elizabeth, x 2 Murchison Falls, x 2 Kidepo Valley NP)
- Night game drive x 1 (Kidepo Valley NP)
- Predator tracking x 1 (Queen Elizabeth NP)
- Water safari x 2 (x 1 Queen Elizabeth, x 1 Murchison Falls NP’s)
- Guided walks x 2 (x 1 Murchison Falls, x 1 Kidepo Valley NP’s)
- Boat trip to the source of the Nile x 1 (River Nile, Jinja town)
Wildlife & Tracking Permits
- Predator tracking x 1 (UWA)
Park & Vehicle Fees
- Queen Elizabeth NP x 3 days (Park Entry, Driver Entry, Vehicle Entry)
- Murchison Falls NP x 3 days (Park Entry, Driver Entry, Vehicle Entry)
- Kidepo Valley NP x 3 days (Park Entry, Driver Entry, Vehicle Entry)
Specialist Guides and Rangers
- Game drive rangers x 7 (UWA)
- Predator tracking ranger x 1 (Uganda Carnivore Program)
- Boat safari guides x 2 (UWA)
- Waterfall guide x 1 (UWA)
- Walking safari guide (UWA)
- Boat trip to the source of the Nile guide (Independent)
A $10 per person donation to the Uganda Conversation Foundation (see CSR Program)
Collection from and drop-off at your desired location (in Kampala or Entebbe)
Lodging & food for your guide/driver (same lodge premises as you, where possible)
A dedicated Tours Manager based in Kampala in daily contact with your Driver/Guide and on call, 24/7 in case of an emergency.

This Tour Excludes

Items marked ‘(*for an additional cost)’
Alcohol (unless provided as complimentary by the accommodation)
Laundry (unless provided as complimentary by the accommodation)
Souvenirs & items of a personal nature
Personal Insurance
International or Domestic Flights
Visas (refer to your embassy)
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